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Name:Emirate of Cordoba
Location:Cordoba, Spain
Current Year: 1095 AD
Current Ruler: Yusuf ibn Tashfin, King of Almoravid dynasty

When Rome dies Spain, then called Hispania, spends some time under Germania and his people. He's known for his fair weather, wide amount of fertile land, and booming wheat production. In 711 Hispania meets Arabia who fights Germania for colony rights. Under Arabia's teachings Hispania was renamed Al-Andalus. Al-Andalus was taught music, poetry, science, mathematics, Arabic, and the teachings of Islam.

Unfortunately fights began to break out between the Berber Muslims and Arabic Muslims. In 755 an exiled prince from Damascus named Abdul al-Rahman I arrived in Spain. He quickly wrestled power and made Al-Andalus independent giving it the official name 'The Emirate of Cordoba' under the Umayyad Emirate and later the Umayyad Caliphate. It's in this time that Spain has his first golden age marked famously as an age of tolerance among the three Abrahamic religions. His little sister, Portugal, is born in 868 when the territory is reconquered by Christian forces.

In 1031 Al-Andalus kingdom broke up into little kingdoms called 'Taifas'. Spain would find himself roaming the Iberian peninsula until 1094 when he would be conquered by Morocco and her leaders the Almoravid dynasty.

Currently Spain suffers under hard times in political turmoil. Christians and Jews in Almoravid areas are actively persecuted and exile although they were once considered friends. Meanwhile the battle for Spain's soul rages on between the southern Islamic forces of Morocco and the northern Christain forces made of different kingdoms, each who will fight for power once the Moors are routed from Spain.

No matter who wins it seems that Spain is destined to lose.
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